Are you looking to have a new central heating system installed? Pauls Plumbers install a wide range of different systems to suit all types of different households which include Combi boilers of different types and kw size(we prefer ideal boilers but are happy to install different makes) and system boilers with multiple types of hot water including pressurized hot water, gravity fed hot water cylinders etc.

When installing central heating we take great care to get the correct size radiators for each room. All the the radiators we install come with thermostatic valves which means you can choose a level of heat that once the radiator reaches wont get any hotter this means you can set rooms to different temperature dependent on you preferences. 

We protect all our systems with a good quality inhibitor which is a liquid we put in the system that protects it from wear and tear (that black sludge that ca block your radiators) and will actually improve the efficiency of your system.

When installing we take great care in protecting your property and possessions but we will need good access to most rooms in the property as floorboards will have to be raised to install pipework  

All our work is guaranteed.

Please contact us for more information or a quote.

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