New Project

If you are planning a new project from start to finish it is important to have the first fix done at the right time and in the right way. All our first fixes are done to a very high standard with the right connections present for example isolation valves and drain off valves where needed for safety and convenience. We also wrap all our pipework that is going to be inset in the wall to protect it from any corrosive damage(can be caused by plaster) so your pipework will last longer.

New Appliances 

Do you already have an appliance and would like it removed and left in an appropriate condition for the new appliance to be installed. We will remove the item clean up your pipework and leave ready for a new appliance to be installed after any plastering and decoration has taken place. If you are happy with the decor we can also do a straight swap.  

We offer pipework that is hidden within the walls but to have this after the plasterboard has been installed makes things a lot harder. If this is something you would like and you haven't yet had your plasterboard installed then please contact us first. We can offer this service even if you have plasterboard pre-installed in some circumstances but is a lot mor difficult and you would need a skim of plaster over the top of the channels that would have to be removed for the pipes.
It is very popular to have the pipe work above the plasterboard's and then either boxed in or the pipework painted. This option can be easier and cheaper in a lot of cases and can look very nice.
Sometimes it is useful to have appliances removed and replaced for example to have tiles installed, walls painted, brackets adjusted etc. We are happy to offer this service

All our work is guaranteed.

Prices starting from £80 but can vary greatly depending on your unique situation. Prices include parts and labour.

Please contact us for more information or a quote.

first fix

radiator first fix

first fix unit