What we offer


We offer a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out service. If you have an emergency please call the number below. If you email us you may not get a reply till the following day which may be bad if you have an emergency. The emergency call out service is there to fix major leaks and other problems that cannot wait for any period of time to be fixed without causing damage, it is not there to install or touch up work as this can be scheduled for a later date without causing any damage. When we respond to a call out our main priority is to stop the leak or problem we can then schedule an appointment for a later date if the work is substantial and cannot be fixed at the time. 




We offer a basic rate of  £60 within sociable hours (9.00AM to 5.30PM) which includes fixing the problem (whenever possible) or simply stopping the leak so later work can be completed. This price would not include any parts that may be required.

Our rate for all hours outside of our sociable hours including all of Sunday is £100. If you live over 30 miles away from Kidderminster town centre we would require an extra £15 to cover transport costs. This price would not include any parts that may be required.

Please Call 07794473763 for emergency's or click the link below.

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