Bathroom Radiator

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  • Construction Date

    July 2016

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What we did

The customer already had a regular radiator but wanted to upgrade to a chrome railed radiator. To achieve this we used the existing pipework from the old radiator and connected to the new one. We installed a switch to control when the radiator was heated electrically. We also put wooden pipe base covers where the pipework enters the floor.

style and practicality

Inside the radiator is an electric element which can be turned on when the rest of the central heating is off for great flexibility as to when the radiator is active. With this feature we fitted an LED switch on the outside of the bathroom that glows red when in use so you don’t accidentally leave it running. The radiator is very stylish with its chrome finish and suits the rest of the decor very well. The radiator is quite tall and has many rungs so you will never be stuck looking for somewhere to put your towels.