Outside Tap

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  • Construction Date

    August 2016

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What we did

We fitted this tap for a lovely lady who wanted to be able to water her plants and flowers without having to go into the house to fill up watering cans. She requested we fit an isolation point within the room from which the pipe was connected so in winter if she was worried about frost damage she could disconnect the water. We connected the pipe through the wall into a downstairs bathroom which connected under the sink inside the cupboard as to keep the pipework very discreet.


As you can see we also fitted a hose that can be easily connected and disconnected to allow the filling of watering cans. There are multiple ends for the hose as well as having the ability to adjust the power to allow for a great variety of uses. We asked the lady how she was getting on with the hose and tap and she said that she uses the hose for pretty much all watering and she said that it has at least halved the time and effort she would usually spend watering and the like.