Bedroom Radiator

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  • Construction Date

    November 2016

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What we did

The customer already had a regular radiator on one side of the room but wanted to upgrade to a better more stylish radiator as well as moving the position to the other side of the room under the window as to allow a fitted wardrobe to fitted in the originals location. To achieve this we first drained down the system and removed the original radiator. We cut the pipe under the floorboards and then used the existing pipework from the old radiator and connected speed fit plastic pipe which then passed from one side of the room to the other. We then drilled through the boards at the new location and connected the pipe to the newly hung radiator. The reason we used speed fit plastic in this instance was because the customer didn’t want too many floor board pulled up as they were planing on sanding them later to make it into a feature and to pull up more boards would have meant cutting them in multiple places which would not have looked as nice.

style and practicality

This new radiator is very stylish and with the new colour will match the customers new plan for this room perfectly. We gave the customer the choice to have the pipework come though the floorboards and into the radiator in either copper (which they would then be able to paint later) or to leave it in the white plastic which already matches one of the colours they have chosen to decorate the room in. The customer chose the plastic which we think will be the right decision in this instance.