Bedroom Radiator

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    December 2016

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What we did

The customer already had a radiator that was very old and had a lot of rust and so wanted a new one to match her newly decorated bedroom. Firstly we shut off the radiator valves and drained down the radiator which we then removed and disposed of for the customer. We then hung the new radiator and connected it to the valves (which were the original valves and still in very good condition) and bled the radiator to fill it. We then topped up the pressure on the boiler in case there had been much of a loss from when we filled the radiator.

style and practicality

This new radiator is of good quality and as the bedroom has just been decorated will add a lot to the style and cleanness of the room compared to the old rusty one we had just removed. We made sure that the new radiator had a high enough rating in BTU’s to make sure it heated this room adequately for its size.